About Us


TeamMax is a regional US sales office of Cheng Fwa Industrial, a Contract Manufacturing ODM Conglomerate that specializes in mechanical components. We provide engineering expertise, manufacturing customization, and logistics support. Our years of experience serving industries such as data storage, electronics, automotive, medical, and appliance help us meet the various needs of our customers. Also, since our worldwide facilities are capable of low volume and mass production runs, we can offer soft tool, hard tool and hybrid solutions. 


Our mission at TeamMax is to provide high quality customer service to businesses worldwide. We commit ourselves to understanding our clients' requirements and fulfilling demands on time. We also work to ensure that our customers receive the finest products and services available at competitive costs. Using this hands-on approach allows us to offer a small company feel with big industry capabilities.


Founded in 1993, TeamMax was formed by a joint venture involving several former Digital Equipment Corporation's manufacturing partners. Since then, we have seen many changes in the high-tech industry. Through it all, our strong relations with worldwide manufacturers has allowed us to continue to provide our services at an aggressive cost structure. In addition, we have assembled a top-notch staff of seasoned sales and support associates to continue serving our ever-growing customer base. With this solid foundation in place and our years of industry experience, TeamMax is ready to face any challenge in the increasingly competitive global market.