CNC – Metal and Plastic for development or production

Soft Tooling – Small volume, quick turn components with minimal set-up costs

Hard Tooling – High volume, rapid production, repeatable quality

Quick Tools for Plastic Injection – Made from pre-hardened tooling steel or Aluminum, Good for rapid development and short run production.

Hard Tooled Plastic Injection – Made from post-hardened tooling steel, good for long term production

Finishing Processes – Includes phosphate file processing, anodizing, hot dip tin plating, and silk screen printing

Mechanical Assembly – Integration of any type of mechanical component, fixed or moving parts

Lead Lining – Metal enclosures lined with lead, bonded by resins and high strength adhesives

Quality Assurance – From the inbound inspection of raw materials to outbound shipments of finished goods, our "right the first time" philosophy helps us maintain quality and avoid mistakes

Lifetime Guarantee – On all tools, molds and fixtures. No maintenance costs, no ‘line-down’ situations!


Consultation – We will advise on manufacturability and capabilities before your design leaves the drawing board, so you can release to manufacturing with confidence.

Design for Manufacturing – We identify and avoid hidden costs by eliminating challenging features with creative solutions




Shipping Method Consultation – We do not offer quotes on shipping but can provide accurate weights and dimensions for all shipments and provide instructions on how to get your goods quickly and affordably

Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions – We can negotiate contracts with you so you can have your inventory on site, but only invoiced when used. Helping to make sure you have what you need, when you need it!